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TherapyMantra comprehends your emotional well-being concerns and links you with leading therapists in Croydon who can assist you in your recovery. Additionally, to enhance your overall well-being, you have the opportunity to participate in personalized mindfulness, yoga, and meditation sessions through the app.

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With TherapyMantra, you don’t have to wait an entire week to talk to your therapist.

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Online Therapy in Croydon

TherapyMantra is your trusted provider of online therapy services in the City of Croydon, UK. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities tailored to meet your specific needs. Through secure virtual sessions, you can access professional support and guidance from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Prioritize your mental well-being with TherapyMantra’s convenient and effective online therapy services today.

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How does online therapy work in the Croydon?

Experience the expertise of highly proficient counselors from the UK who possess exceptional skills in customizing counseling sessions to cater specifically to your individual needs. Our dedicated “therapy room” ensures an environment that is secure, protected, and prioritizes complete confidentiality, fostering a nurturing atmosphere throughout your counseling experience. You have the freedom to personalize your sessions according to your preferences, whether it be through chat, phone, or video calls. Rest assured, we place your comfort and privacy above everything else and remain steadfast in providing unwavering support as you embark on your counseling journey.


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Discover our extensive range of online therapy treatment options designed to address all your needs. Our network of providers in Croydon consists of professionals specializing in various areas to ensure we can meet your specific requirements. Take the first step towards finding the right match for you by getting matched today!

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“I am extremely grateful for Therapymantra’s online therapy in Croydon. Their compassionate therapists provided exceptional support, guiding me towards personal growth and healing. The convenience of online sessions allowed me to prioritize my mental well-being, leading to positive and transformative outcomes.”

- Jack

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Our Croydon Office:

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75-77 High St, Croydon CR0 1QE, United Kingdom

Our therapists are available across Croydon including Addiscombe East, Addiscombe West, Bensham Manor, Broad Green, Coulsdon Town, Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood, Fairfield, Kenley, New Addington North, New Addington South, Norbury Park, Norbury & Pollards Hill, Old Coulsdon, & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, numerous studies indicate that online therapy is equally effective in treating a wide range of mental health concerns.

Yes, online therapy sessions adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines, ensuring the privacy and security of clients’ information.

Yes, TherapyMantra allow clients to switch therapists if they feel they’re not the right fit, ensuring a good therapeutic relationship.

Online therapy offers various pricing options, including sliding scales and affordable packages, making it accessible to individuals with different financial capabilities.

Online therapy provides a wide range of counseling services in Croydon, including individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and trauma-focused therapy.

Yes, most health plans in Croydon cover therapy. TherapyMantra has partnerships with major insurance plans to offer cashless and copay therapy services.

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